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July 13, 2021

Meet the team: Craig Gregory, CISO

1. What attracted you to working at Cutover? How did you get involved? 

The team; Cutover is all about getting great people together to build the future of work. Our strong leadership has enabled us to continue achieving our goals and ultimately fulfill our mission. As a co-founder, I was fortunate to know the others from the beginning, and we knew what was required to make Cutover a success.

2. What does your typical day involve as CISO? 

In summary, decisions and awareness. Unfortunately, information security and cyber get bad press, you only really hear about them once there is a problem! My day is a mix of reviewing the controls in place to maintain and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data that has been entrusted to us, monitoring the threat landscape, and supporting our teams to uphold our mission to be a security-first organization.

3. What are you most excited about at Cutover in the coming months? 

Watching how our product enhancements enable our customers to better mitigate against risk and provide efficiency gains. Our new cyber runbooks will play an important role in this.

4. What has been your biggest challenge over the last year? 

Scaling is always hard, and the rapid growth of our team and customer base over the last year or so has meant we have had to quickly adapt to the new security risks this presents. It's important to have scalable processes that do not compromise the quality of existing controls. It's my responsibility to ensure our security controls maintain a baseline in support of our risk appetite.

5. What's one thing that surprised you about the way Cutover has evolved over the last year?

I'm delighted to see that it's been very much business as usual; our teams have coped admirably during the pandemic, and productivity has been excellent. Even onboarding new joiners remotely has been a relatively smooth process. 

 6. Resilience is important from both an operational and personal perspective. What does resilience mean to you? 

To me, resilience is about the ability to withstand and recover; it's the reason we built the Cutover platform. Our qualities as humans coupled with the right technology enable our customers to orchestrate and observe complex events in real time and remain resilient.

7. The past year or so has created a lot of challenges, but is there anything new from the last year that you would like to keep?

Hybrid working models are here to stay, and it's something I want to maintain. Having more flexibility also enables more time with family and friends, which we may not have had before the pandemic. I'm optimistic about the future of Cutover and the future of work and am excited that we are part of that journey!


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Craig Gregory
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