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November 18, 2021

Is negotiating with cyber terrorists our “new normal”?

“The topic of ransom payments has become increasingly fraught as ransomware attacks become increasingly disruptive - and lucrative.”

- Reuters

Orchestrating major events such as resilience activities, application releases, data center migrations, and platform implementations is hard enough - add in a global pandemic, mass working from home, and huge amounts of pivoting operations that organizations have had to do, and then a huge increase in cyber terrorism, and you’ve got the perfect storm.

Because of this, DDoS and ransomware attacks are proliferating across the globe. Information security and cyber issues continue to be the major drivers for why organizations are focussing as much as they can on operational resilience programs.


So what can firms do to protect themselves from being compromised?

If you’re in a negotiation, an attack has already happened. What are the steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of needing to consider negotiating with terrorists?

5 steps to accelerate your response to potential InfoSec and cyber threats: 

  1. Ease fear by implementing a consistent approach to rigorous Cyber/InfoSec best practices (NIST/ISO)
  2. Putt practices in place to instill real confidence in your preventative measures, but also (more critically) in your reactions to an incident
  3. Orchestrate your InfoSec/cyber response with your BCM/ITDR execution capabilities with real-time visibility
  4. Learn from the past (yours and others) to ensure that you interrogate and strengthen your security posture
  5. Build an agile future-forward cyber posture, so you’re always ready for the next security challenge


To find out how you can increase your level of resilience against growing cyber threats, watch our on-demand webinar where security and resilience experts discuss how organizations can meet these new challenges.

Or, read our white paper of the same name that lays out 7 key steps to increasing your cyber resilience - and avoiding having to negotiate with terrorists!

Chloe Lovatt
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