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March 16, 2021

Resilience Right Now

What feels like two full lifetimes ago, but was actually August 2020, Cutover CEO Ky Nichol sat down with Resilience Expert Mike Butler to have a socially distant chat about what they’d seen over the turbulent few months of the early pandemic, as it relates to organizational resilience.   

As you can imagine, there was a lot to cover, so we’re releasing the video in three parts over the coming week on the blog (if you’re one of those ‘all-in-one’ types, you can watch the full version here). This initial installment introduces and explores the topics of transformer companies, the changing preconceptions of resilience, and what happens when the incident you plan for but never expect to happen, actually happens.


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Three key teasers: 

  1. It’s how you weather storms that matters. Mike outlines his approach for an effective, agile resilience methodology: identify the problem, address the problem, talk about the problem openly, fix the problem. 
  2. We can’t be scared to fail. Resilience has taken a big leap from business continuity and focusing on planning for high impact, low likelihood events. We have learned, over the last year, that we cannot prepare for everything, and it’s how you deal with eventualities that matters. We need to have reactive elements, and if we design for failure, we are better prepared to respond to it.  
  3. Generally, instability is caused by change -  whether something has changed, or there has been a change in state. Put simply, if you’re better at change you’re better at stability. This is more important than ever as the volume of change has never been higher, nor has the pressure to deliver. Organizations have moved from big monolithic platforms to micro apps and services, change windows are shortened or removed, and customers, clients, and regulators expect smooth consistent delivery of services 24/7.  

A big theme of this video, and the entire series, is the value of resilience by design - a concept which both Ky and Mike believe is integral to building a better approach. In order to be rapid and effective, your resilience needs to be at your fingertips. Make sure you watch out for the next instalment of this video series, and also for some exciting product news that will empower best in class resilience through a fast, intuitive, and comprehensive experience.

Follow Ky and Mike on social media for more resilience insights.

Emma Robinson
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