Building a culture of resiliency

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What is a runbook?

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Steve Piggott

October 15, 2020

‘Being resilient.’ ‘Having a resiliency posture.’ ‘Developing a resilience culture.’ These are all phrases that we hear and see a lot in the Financial Services industry. If the past eight months or so have taught us anything, it’s that, ready or not, we all have to become more resilient, personally, professionally, and collectively as a global society. The pressure to innovate at warp speed, overcome adversity, and collectively explore the art of the possible has never been more important. 

As this global response takes place, and amongst the certain challenges, new opportunities are surfacing, I can’t help but think what a terrific time it is for me to join the superb group of humans at Cutover. As a new, innovative force in the ever-evolving, transformational world of IT,  I am genuinely excited about the evolving Work Orchestration and Observability platform, the efficiencies and simplicity it provides to practitioners, the operational and economic value it brings to our customers, and the endless use case possibilities being developed across all verticals.  

My entire career has been one of developing a resilience culture, both personally and professionally. The global pandemic has seen all industries, globally, pivot on a dime. It's created the need to adapt in days, not weeks, months, or years. I am so excited to be part of a company that helps organizations innovate and thrive at pace through better visibility and control of their complex programs of work.  

At Cutover, we provide our customers demonstrable resilience in their release/change management, their cloud and workload transformations, and especially, at times of crisis, when it's a case of resiliency execution or bust.

I am thrilled to accompany this team of innovative thought leaders on the continuous journey of helping our customers to develop their own, unique, resiliency cultures.  

Our sole focus is on providing our customers with a robust resiliency posture. We invite them to explore the growing opportunities for becoming truly resilient and the art of the possible, together.  

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

Join us on November 11th at 2 pm EST/7 pm GMT for a compelling discussion on the trending aspiration and need to develop a resiliency culture as part of Risk and BCM program evolution.

SteveSteve Piggott is Head of Enterprise Resilience - Global Accounts at Cutover. He brings a wealth of experience in driving successful customer outcomes across business transformation, operational resilience, disaster recover and business continuity program development.

Read Steve's article for Disaster Recovery Journal To Invoke or Not to Invoke - Is It A Matter of Complexity, Confidence, Or Control? or find out more about using Cutover for operational resilience. 

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Operational resilience /
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