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November 28, 2019

What Is Work Observability?

You may have heard the term “observability” in the context of being able to understand what all the systems, services and apps in your tech stack are doing. Splunk has a great summary of what observability means for understanding your tech stack.

In this case, observability is about more than just monitoring systems or being alerted when there’s an outage - it means having a full understanding of your tech stack at all times without having to seek the data out. This kind of observability is great for giving teams a greater understanding and control of their technology, but what about everything else? 

We know that not everything that happens within an organization is done by or with technology. It’s great to know how well your tech is working, but what about all the work your people are doing? Are you able to see exactly how both human and machine work is progressing towards your goals? This is why you need work observability.

Work observability is all about getting informative and actionable insights into every aspect of the work in your organization. So much data exists, the challenge is aggregating all of it, whether it lives in your systems and apps or in files, email chains and people’s heads. 

Part of making good decisions is having the right information to hand. Much of the data on human activities is lost in spreadsheets, phone calls and emails while much of the data on automation is lost in the developer’s green screen. Observability across so many platforms, geographies and ways of working is hard. Chasing status updates through phone calls and emails means you’re constantly working on dated information and taking up valuable time both for yourself and the people doing the work you’re trying to observe. 

Work observability means automatically being able to see what is going on within your organization or team without having to search for it and having visibility of all the events and changes in your organization that could be relevant to you or your project.

Cutover, the leader in work orchestration and observability, is the only platform that provides full organizational visibility into dynamic flows of work, bringing them out of the dark matter of the enterprise to enable teams to move quickly with confidence. Cutover eliminates outdated approaches like static spreadsheets and weekend calls so teams can accomplish work quickly and effectively – without the usual headache.

Cutover’s platform is perfect for:

  • Managing big technology changes relating to a series of critical events including migration to the cloud, data center migration and transformation programs.
  • Continuous transformation to coordinate planning, execute and analyze hundreds of thousands of technology changes per year, and provide cross-functional visibility, oversight and management of change.
  • Resilience automation to test resilience and respond and recover quickly when things go wrong.
  • Operational readiness which gives teams dynamic process orchestration for critical sets of work such as market readiness, IPOs and system validation.

Find out more about Cutover.

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