On-demand Webinar

Is negotiating with Cyber terrorists the “new normal?"

As the pandemic hit, 2020 saw a huge increase in the number of DDoS attacks. In May 2021, ransomware successfully targeted critical US national industrial infrastructure and got their payout. How can organizations better respond to the risks and opportunities of the security landscape?

  • 45 mins duration
  • Online webinar

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5 steps to accelerate your response to potential InfoSec/Cyber threats

In this expert session, we explore key program success criteria, encompassing:
  • Easing fear by implementing a consistent approach to rigorous Cyber/InfoSec best practices (NIST/ISO)
  • Putting practices in place to instil real confidence in your preventative measures, but also (more critically) in your reactions to an incident
  • Orchestrating your InfoSec/Cyber response with your BCM/ITDR execution capabilities with real-time visibility
  • Learning from the past (yours and others) to ensure that you interrogate and strengthen your security posture
  • Building an agile future-forward cyber posture, so you’re always ready for the next security challenge