Our Microsoft Teams integration seamlessly updates your teams on the status and progress of runbooks, reducing time spent in project meetings and giving real-time visibility. 

How does the Microsoft Teams integration work?

Use the integration to post messages directly to Microsoft Teams from a Cutover task. Select the Microsoft Teams specific task type that is associated with sending a Teams message. This message can be viewed in the details of the task.

When the task starts, a status of the message being sent is displayed. When the message has been sent successfully, the status updates. 

What can the MS Teams integration do 2-1

You can send messages to any channel of your choice to keep your teams informed on the latest progress in Cutover.

In a simple step, you can greatly enhance the transparency of your critical work by getting information and updates without needing to leave Cutover.



You should already be using Microsoft Teams in your organization. You will need to check that Microsoft Teams users have the right permissions to create channels that allow incoming webhooks. To send a message to multiple channels, you will need to create a new connector per channel and different integrations set up with these unique connector URLs.

Microsoft Teams

integration FAQs

How can Cutover send a message to my Teams channel? You will need to first create a channel connector in the Microsoft Teams application. Once this has been set up, Cutover will then be able to send a message directly to your Microsoft Teams channel using the incoming webhook URL.
How many Microsoft Teams channels can you have? There is no limit to the number of Microsoft Teams channels you can have. However, you will need to create one integration per channel in Cutover and one webhook for each channel in Microsoft Teams.
Can one message be posted in multiple channels and can it be sent to users too? Our integration targets one channel, therefore the message will be posted to the channel that has been configured with the integration. The message can only be sent to channels and not users.

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