Ensure unrivalled end-to-end operational resilience

Run service/application resilience testing and invocation, production failovers, and other repetitive events, ensuring swift recovery and compliance with internal audit and regulators.

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Ensure the highest level of operational resilience

Sustaining core business services is critical for resilience. Siloed processes, static documents, and multiple spreadsheets can no longer keep up with the complex resilience demands of today’s environment. Without dynamic solutions, organizations fall behind, unable to quickly and accurately test resilience, respond to incidents, and recover. Cutover is empowering companies to roll out resilience automation across the organization, with a unified platform for effectively coordinating activities.

Our customers implement the Work Orchestration and Observability platform for enterprise-wide resilience. They can host executable recovery plans, manage the test schedule, and execute planned failovers. Operational visibility of all activities enables them to reschedule or de-risk change events, preempting potential failures and disruption.

Recover 20% faster with Cutover 

Plan, orchestrate, and analyze resilience activities with confidence

The Cutover platform reduces planning time by up to 80%, turning months into weeks and weeks into days. Cutover facilitates detailed planning and event rehearsal, as well as execution, user assignment, and communications. Progress is observable and actionable in real time, with data stored for regulatory compliance and continuous improvement.

Make resilience faster and more efficient

Easily find and manage recovery plans, quickly and accurately deploying them as required. Machine automation reduces the burden of repetitive, time-consuming manual tasks, freeing up teams to focus on higher-value activities.

Build resilience as the bedrock for change

Change is a leading cause of disruption and outage, but the truly resilient organization is prepared. Cutover is the ideal platform to help you build solid resilience, so you can sustain core business services during times of operational stress.


Use Cutover for all operational resilience activities

Cutover’s advanced, data-driven platform has proven success when it comes to effectively coordinating activities with greater speed, safety, and efficiency, in different resilience use cases.


Resilience testing

Integrate tests, simulations, and live responses to consolidate or optimize recovery plans in real time based on failure scenarios. Cut planning time from months and weeks to hours.

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Production failover

Quickly plan and run highly effective data center failovers, ensuring a true assessment of the organization’s readiness to respond in a crisis.

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Technology operations

Store repeatable plans in an actionable format, enabling you to better update, test, and execute repetitive activities such as regular tests.

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Build an operational resilience program you can rely on

What our customers say

“I am delighted to have taken Cutover to a strategic partner of Barclays. I look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership over the coming years and expanding the scope of Cutover coverage to other use cases.”
Mike Butler Head of Transformation, Barclays
“AWS and Cutover play a critical role in the delivery of our key cloud program at Barclays. This is enabling us to realise our strategic goals while ensuring operational resilience, which is an indication of their commitment to supporting our business.“
Will Westwick CTO of Enterprise Technology at Barclays
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