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Streamline, manage, and de-risk big change and critical events: from data center and cloud migrations to mergers, acquisitions, and divestments.

Orchestrate seamless digital transformation

Cutover helps organizations successfully execute transformations with confidence and efficiency, reducing program failures by 40%. Turn complex activities into well-orchestrated work programs you can plan, orchestrate, and analyze in a single platform. Use automated runbooks to coordinate activity and achieve enterprise-wide visibility of the whole process for greater control and reduced risk.

Plan and orchestrate transformation with ease

Cutover's powerful Work Orchestration and Observability platform drives success in transformation programs. Build comprehensive, detailed plans that are easy to create, edit, and rehearse. Execution is streamlined and coherent, with in-platform communications and automated notifications to keep the flow of work moving swiftly and smoothly.

Reduce risk and gain control with full observability

Bring siloed information and work into the light by coordinating all transformation activity in a single, highly visible platform. Stakeholders and senior management stay fully informed and live adjustments can be made to course correct and improve outcomes. Post-event reporting for regulatory compliance and continuous improvement is easy and comprehensive thanks to Cutover's reliable system of record.

Achieve major time and resource efficiencies

Organizations using Cutover saving significant time on transformation activities as they gain greater control and visibility of the process.

Case study

Furniture retailer manages largest ever Human Capital Management transformation project

A major furniture retailer needed to centralize its decentralized SuccessFactors and ServiceNow environments to create a new environment for employees to manage time cards, leaves of absence, and incident or ticket requests. This is regarded as the largest Human Capital Management transformation project anywhere in the world, covering 63 markets through over 400 franchised stores, with 225,000 team members involved.

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The project requires multiple releases, so they need a huge amount of coordination across geographically distributed stakeholders. Deployment planning and cutover management is critical to ensure a successful deployment, so they needed a solution to manage and coordinate their work by providing visibility, reporting, and automation at every stage.


The retailer used Cutover to deliver three major releases covering two test locations before rolling the program out globally through groups of 15 country clusters.

Cutover provided visibility through dashboards and real-time analytics, reporting, and automation across all the deployment planning and management of the program. Cutover is also fully integrated with the retailer’s communication systems to make comms seamless and ensure no one misses an alert.

Results: Testing done in minutes

The retailer is continuing to use Cutover for phases of activity and deployment twice a year. Increased transparency is making it easier to trace and remediate any errors and constantly refine the process, driving continuous operational improvement.

What our Clients say

"As an alumnus of the Barclays accelerator program, we have seen firsthand the evolution of the Cutover platform. We are pleased to be deepening our relationship with Cutover as we continue to deliver our digital transformation with added pace and resilience."


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