On-Demand Webinar

How Regulation is Influencing Operational Resilience

Watch our webinar with DRJ and hear from Danske Bank’s SVP Business Services & Service Governance, Craig Alexander, and resilience expert, Mark Heywood, as they discuss the impact of regulation on operational resilience programs across the globe.


  • 40 minutes duration
  • On-Demand

Operational Resilience

Discover how mounting regulatory requirements are influencing resilience & disaster recovery programs

In this thought leadership session Craig and Mark discuss the expectations regulators have in terms of resilience and what this means for organizations and, more importantly, the end consumer. With growing expectations that things will “fail”, and increasing demands for outages to be explained in a language understandable to the end consumer, regulators are influencing operational resilience programs more than ever. 

What you'll get out of the session:

  • Insight into regulatory expectations with regards to operational resilience, and an overview of what this means for your program
  • Awareness of how you can get ahead of the curve and use regulatory scrutiny to your advantage
  • Specific actions to drive excellence with your own program around resilience and disaster recovery