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Success Stories

Supporting a multinational bank to successfully migrate to the cloud

Migrate to the cloud support

A major multinational bank needed the confidence to deliver a major application transformation to the cloud at a macro level. The approach was to enable and empower the application team with a guided path to help them ensure migrations would be successful. There was pressure from the board to deliver on the promise of the cloud immediately and accelerate the program, so speed was of the essence. The combination of the scale and pace of the migration presented significant challenges and risks.

The teams recognized the importance of understanding the overall process to ensure all teams had visibility before beginning to migrate applications. There were regulatory requirements, and part of adhering to these involved documenting the risks associated with starting a move, creating the need for better visibility and an audit trail. The existing migration processes were stored in many different places, so Cutover was needed to bring these together onto one central platform. 

Improving cloud knowledge

Cutover helped the bank to accelerate the maturity of its App team’s cloud knowledge and provide guardrails from a templated, proven approach. Cutover provided visibility to everyone involved in the event, from stakeholders to delivery teams, with real-time dashboards. By connecting humans and machines, Cutover allowed external processes to be included in the Cutover runbooks, such as testing, rehearsals, and AWS cloud migration parties. Risk assessment was key, as evidenced by other organizations facing major fines for failing to appropriately prepare.  

Cutover also created an automatic system of record from design to completion, providing a single source of truth for evaluation and improvement. This also made the post-event review, to ensure regulatory compliance, less labor-intensive.

Cutover’s executive dashboard was visible to the C-suite throughout, so they could easily see the progress of delivery, enabling key executives to understand progress, help remove roadblocks, and ease the move towards the goals of innovation, speed, and cost reduction for the bank.

A successful cloud migration

Following the adoption of Cutover, the bank successfully migrated hundreds of applications. 

The bank could only realize the cost savings of being on the cloud once the on-premise data centers had been decommissioned, which was the final step in the process. It was also essential that the pre-production, test, and development environments were removed at the right moment in time. 

Throughout the lifecycle of a migration, there are many processes and activities that could be templated to provide the starting point of where to go and how to manage moving each application step by step. Cutover enabled the bank to standardize this process and provided a central location for all templates, plans, and communications.

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