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Technology Resilience

Ensure technology resilience with Collaborative Automation

With Cutover you can reduce planning time by up to 80%, turning months into weeks and weeks into days. Cutover hosts your multi-team and technology recovery plans, enabling you to perform planned or unannounced disaster recovery testing and recover from actual incidents, all with visibility provided by execution analytics and audit logs in Cutover. Built with the foundational purpose of enabling people and technology to collaborate, the Cutover platform accelerates technology resilience strategies for the world’s largest financial institutions.

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Resilience is essential for sustaining your business' core technology services. Siloed people and processes, static documents, and multiple spreadsheets mean you can no longer keep up with the complex resilience demands of today’s technology environment. Without dynamic solutions, you are likely to fall behind and will be unable to quickly and accurately test resilience, respond to incidents, and recover.

Cutover provides a single platform for executable recovery plans which brings together both automated and manual tasks. Automated audit logs and real-time updates via dashboards enable customers to meet regulatory obligations, de-risk change events, and pre-empt potential disruption and failures.

Recover 20% faster with Cutover

Save $1.3 million thanks to incident mitigation

Reduce incidents by 20%

How it works

Use Cutover for all technology resilience activities

Cutover’s Collaborative Automation cloud-based platform interconnects your teams, technology, and systems in the complex, risky, and hectic world of managing IT applications without putting your business at risk.

A diagram showing the Cutover Technology Resilience process. A recovery plan flows into test, live response and simulation.
Use cases

Cutover for technology resilience

Use Cutover for all your technology resilience needs, from planning IT disaster recovery testing to accurate regulatory reporting.

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Build an operational resilience program you can rely on
What our Clients say

"AWS and Cutover play a critical role in the delivery of our key cloud program at Barclays. This is enabling us to realise our strategic goals while ensuring operational resilience, which is an indication of their commitment to supporting our business"

Will Westwick
CTO of Enterprise Technology at Barclays
What our Clients say

“I am delighted to have taken Cutover to a strategic partner of Barclays. I look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership over the coming years and expanding the scope of Cutover coverage to other use cases.”

Mike Butler
Head of Transformation AT Barclays

Cutover is designed for managing complex work processes, activities, and events efficiently

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