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IT health checks

IT health checks, an integral part of any technology resilience strategy, are essential for ensuring your business runs smoothly but they can be time consuming. Automation can help you save time and increase accuracy.

The advantages of automating IT health checks

IT health checks across your estate of IT applications, systems, and networks should not be laborious and time consuming. Removing repetitive and manual efforts through automation can help you to improve outcomes and free up resources.

Save time and resources on IT health checks

Using Cutover helps you to decrease the number of people needed to complete IT health checks, freeing people up to focus on other strategic activities. As part of our technology resilience solution, Cutover has enabled customers to quadruple efficiency and reduce the amount of resources needed for IT health checks by 60% through automation. They have also saved over 90% of execution time, reducing environment restarts from hours to minutes. Resolution time is also decreased through automation, so more time is available to meet resolution service-level agreements.

Increase capacity

Cutover can increase your monitoring capacity by up to five times, enabling you to move from doing dozens to hundreds of IT health checks in the same amount of time, creating the opportunity to expand on the types of checks you can perform.

Increase accuracy

Increase incident prevention as more IT health checks can be carried out, preventing incidents that would have gone unnoticed before.

Case study

Major American bank uses ITRS Geneos integration with Cutover to automate IT health checks

A client that uses our ITRS Geneos integration for managing IT health checks and ready-for-business activities has seen a marked improvement in its daily, weekly, and monthly operational readiness processes.

Challenge: Manual IT health checks

The Markets Team at a Major American Bank had to conduct daily IT health checks to ensure all applications, hardware, software, databases, and middleware for their markets automatic payments services were set up before trading. Before they had Cutover, this was a highly manual process that took a long time. If there was a problem, the team had to manually look through individual logs, making their incident response time slow. Failure to ensure everything was set up correctly in time would have a negative impact on trading.

Solution: Automation via integration

The team started using Cutover to manage these daily IT health checks via an integration with their monitoring tool ITRS Geneos. This removed the need for lots of people to complete a big list of manual tasks and instead fewer people were needed to just kick off and oversee the hundreds of checks being carried out and they were provided with real-time status updates via dashboards. The integration cut down the team’s incident response time as, rather than having to look through the logs one at a time to see if there were any issues, they could see immediately via Cutover where failures had occurred and where their focus needed to be to fix them.

Outcome: Saved time and resources

As a result of the automation and visibility provided by Cutover, the team has quadrupled its efficiency and reduced the resources required for carrying out IT health checks by 60%. Monitoring capacity has increased five times and they have saved over 90% of their execution time, enabling them to execute 30,000 tasks in the last quarter.

What our Clients say

"The timing data is very useful."

Financial service professional
What our Clients say

"Our team had a much clearer idea of their roles in the event."

Infrastructure manager
What our Clients say

"The Federal Reserve loved the comprehensive audit trail we were able to share with them from Cutover."


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