Simplify your merger and acquisitions process

Manage the multiple steps involved in M&A and divestment processes in one central hub, coordinating changes across multiple IT systems and vast numbers of users.

Coordinate mergers and acquisitions with ease

Bringing a merger, acquisition, or divestment program to successful completion involves navigating many challenges. One of these is coordinating activity across different IT systems and organizations. Another is migrating internal and external users while avoiding delay and customer-facing disruption. Cutover’s Work Orchestration and Observability platform brings clarity to a complex process and reduces risk.

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Minimize the risk of M&A disruption and delay

A significant amount of change involving multiple IT systems and vast numbers of users always has a high risk potential. In fact between 70 and 90% of M&As fail. Poor planning and program management is a major reason for failure in these critical business activities.



Plan and rehearse critical activities to reduce risk and optimize flows of work, helping to achieve more in the short time windows available. Go from relying on others to keep you informed, to having an accurate long-term view of activity coming down the track.



With Cutover you can streamline the entire program, aligning human teams and machine automation for effective execution. Keep a close watch on deadlines, notify users automatically to begin tasks, and make live adjustments to the program schedule as needed.



Increase transparency and post-event evaluation thanks to Cutover’s detailed performance analysis data. Extract useful insights to optimize future activity, and build them into templates to ensure every M&A and divestment runs more smoothly than the last. The comprehensive audit trail is also ideal for regulatory compliance.


Major hotel chain merger successfully executed on Cutover

Two major hotel chains needed an innovative solution to orchestrate human and machine activities and make a merger event observable to the many stakeholders.

Challenges: Complex merger

The merger involved 100 million external users and 300,000 internal users, 17 systems, 458 releases, 20 million lines of code, and $140 million spent on software development.

Solution: M&A event orchestration

Cutover enabled the hotel chains to properly prepare for and manage the complex set of interdependent technology changes by providing a comprehensive event orchestration capability which enabled greater control.

Results: Merger event rehearsals to ensure success

In order to ensure a smooth transition on an extremely high-pressured and visible event, the cutover activities were simulated multiple times. Comprehensive rehearsals were used to catch potential problems ahead of time and resolve as needed, meaning that the actual cutover weekend was a huge success. The biggest benefit was continuous improvement

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Major hotel chain merger successfully executed on Cutover

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How Cutover helps

Cutover enables organizations to prepare for and coordinate complex interdependent technology changes. All tasks are managed down to the second and progress is continuously monitored by stakeholders with task orchestration and automated reporting. Cutover eliminates manual processes and provides incident governance, creating immediate value.

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