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Forrester estimates that Cutover clients see an average 309% ROI and $6.78 million in Net Present Value over 3 years. How much can your organization achieve with the Cutover solution?

Customized ROI study

Use our calculator, and download a free comprehensive study. See how you can increase productivity, save time and achieve substantial cost benefits with Cutover. 

Improve performance in planning, orchestrating and auditing enterprise activities – including Operational Resilience, Application Release Orchestration, and Cloud Migration:

  • - Reduce planning time (average client achieves: $634k over 3 years)
  • - Achieve higher event execution efficiency (average: $6.8 million over 3 years)
  • - Mitigate incidents (average: $1.3 million over 3 years)
  • - Increase audit efficiency (average: $243k in savings over 3 years) 

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Forrester ROI calculator - Cutover

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The Total Economic Impact Of Cutover Work Orchestration And Observability.

We commissioned Forrester to conduct a study into the cost savings and business benefits of using the Cutover platform.

In this report, the Forrester TEI methodology will be used to show the benefits of Cutover for our customers.

Eager to learn more? Access the full Forrester TEI study here:

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The Orchestration and Observability Platform

It’s time to replace spreadsheets, connect disparate tools, and automate manual reporting. Bring your teams and tools together for better orchestration through powerful runbook technology. Find out more about Work Orchestration and Observability:

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