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The Cutover ROI calculator

Calculate the substantial value Cutover can bring to your organization using the Forrester ROI estimator and get free customized ROI results

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Cutover by the numbers

Forrester estimates that Cutover clients see an average 309% ROI and $6.78 million in Net Present Value over 3 years. How much can your organization achieve with the Cutover solution?

Customized ROI study

Use our calculator, and download a free comprehensive study. See how you can increase productivity, save time and achieve substantial cost benefits with Cutover.

Improve performance in planning, orchestrating and auditing enterprise activities – including IT Disaster Recovery, Cyber Recovery, Technology Implementation, Release Management and Cloud Migration:

  • Reduce planning time (average client achieves: $634k over 3 years)
  • Achieve higher event execution efficiency (average: $6.8 million over 3 years)
  • Mitigate incidents (average: $1.3 million over 3 years)
  • Increase audit efficiency (average: $243k in savings over 3 years)
Calculate your ROI