Templated and automated data center migration

Overcome common migration challenges with the ability to manage long-term roadmaps, de-risk critical paths, visualize progress, and make informed decisions.

Reduce risk and move quickly with your data center migration

Critical, complicated, costly, and with a long timescale, data center migration is a risky process for any organization. Ineffective planning and rehearsal are common pitfalls, caused by reliance on static spreadsheets and lack of full program visualization. Failure to understand progress and identify risks leads to unforeseen issues and delays. Meanwhile, inefficient communications waste valuable time, which would be better spent on the migration activity itself.

Cutover is here to help you move quickly with confidence. The Work Orchestration and Observability platform makes it easy to successfully deliver complex data center migrations. Move away from using disparate tools, static spreadsheets, and multiple communication channels. Coordinate the whole migration from end to end in a single, powerful platform with automated runbooks, live visualization, and inbuilt communications.

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With Cutover you can easily map out and visualize the whole migration, zoom in on the detail of planned events, and rehearse critical pathways, ensuring minimal risk and optimal workflows.



Bring together all parties involved in the data center migration to collaborate smoothly. Monitor progress, make live adjustments, and facilitate effective communication to keep flows of work moving.



Data center migrations are both critical and challenging to execute well. Analyze progress and performance with live observability and comprehensive audit trails, so that you’re constantly improving.


American bank delivers major data center migration with Cutover

As part of their global data center strategy, a major multinational bank needed to reduce risk during an upcoming migration with three times the normal volume of change.

Challenge: Migrate 12 data centers at once

The program involved exiting 12 data centers and migrating over 2,400 applications to four new data centers. New tooling and ways of working were needed to handle the increased risk and resource requirements.

Solution: Templated runbooks for data center migration

The bank turned to Cutover, leveraging the library of runbook templates, with the intent to automate as much of the service offering as possible across the set of human and machine activities.

Results: Full visibility throughout the data center migration

Cutover pulled data from multiple runbooks into a dashboard to give an overall view of progress, delays, and issues across applications, lines of business, and the entire program of migration activity, providing a level of visibility that was never possible before.


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