2024 Gartner® report: Tips to bolster your disaster recovery program
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July 27, 2023

Three key principles for cloud migration, modernization and recovery

Gartner expects public cloud spending to reach nearly $600 billion this year, growing 21% more than last year. Despite the increase in economic volatility, enterprises plan to increase investment in cloud-based services and manage cloud spend. Cloud investment doesn’t stop at migration, either: A recent survey shows that 46% of organizations are planning to increase their spending on app modernization. Overall, this is because cloud-native technology offers scalability, flexibility, and speed that can help businesses innovate and compete more effectively.

It’s critical to remember cloud recovery and resiliency throughout the entire cloud \adoption journey. The cost of downtime is surging, reaching at least $5,600 per minute, and human errors account for four-fifths of all outages. Planning comprehensive cloud disaster recovery procedures is more important than ever. 

Cutover’s recent webinar Key principles for cloud migration, modernization and recovery’ explores the challenges of cloud adoption and the importance of recovery during the entire cloud journey. Here are three key takeaways from the webinar.

1. Remember cloud disaster recovery throughout your cloud journey

Throughout the entire adoption journey, cloud recovery is a critical need. Often, enterprises forget that cloud outages can happen and comprehensive cloud disaster recovery procedures are still required. 

Tip: Read the ‘What cloud providers aren’t telling you’ eGuide to learn more. 

2. Migrate, then modernize workloads

The journey doesn’t stop once you migrate workloads to the cloud

“If you just forklift your applications to the cloud, you aren’t getting the full benefits.” - Chris Nims, CapitalOne

There are many modernization strategies and cloud services that enable you to leverage the full flexibility and scalability benefits of the cloud. However, many of the refactoring strategies such as containerization and microservices require a lot of time, budget, and resources. One way to leverage modernization without complete refactoring is to utilize the managed services that public cloud providers, like AWS, provide. These services include high availability, auto-scaling, load balancing and more.

Tip: Make sure to decommission your on-premises apps once cloud migration is complete to capture full cost savings 

3. Automate cloud migration, modernization and disaster recovery 

Whether you’re managing a complex cloud migration, modernizing cloud workloads or preparing for a cloud disaster recovery, automation is key to increasing efficiency, minimizing risk, and reducing costs. Build automated cloud disaster recovery runbooks that document all manual and automated steps. 

Tip: Incorporate scenario-based plans and rehearse your recovery procedures to ensure preparedness should an outage occur. 

Learn more about cloud migration, modernization and recovery

​​Cutover helps enterprises standardize and automate IT operational processes across enterprise applications with automated, executable runbooks. Accelerate cloud migrations, modernization initiatives and recovery procedures to increase efficiency and reduce risk. 

Watch the on-demand webinar recording or contact us to learn more.
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