Major Stock Exchange Achieves Operational Resilience in Line with Regulatory Guidance

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The problem

A major stock exchange was looking for a solution to help them conduct their primary data center failover test to meet regulatory requirements, this involves thousands of critical activities to coordinate the transition of thousands of services. They needed to prove to the regulator that they were able to safely failover from their primary data center to their secondary data center and back again. They needed a solution to help them manage and orchestrate the test that could handle the complexity of such a large and important event.

It was critical for them to get this right not only to satisfy the regulator but also to be prepared for a real-world incident. If they were unable to failover in a real disaster it would disrupt their business and put clients at risk. The exchange is considered critical national infrastructure, so the knock-on effects would be enormous if they were to have a major outage.

How we helped

Cutover enabled the exchange to build increased operational resilience capability involving a method to orchestrate thousands of services and make progress observable to stakeholders around the globe to successfully execute their primary data center failover test. Using Cutover reduced the amount of planning time by 80% compared to manual tools and processes. Those running the event could keep track via the main dashboard in the control room and senior stakeholders were able to monitor the event with their own devices, all of this provided by Cutover’s automated reporting and communications capability.

Thanks to the success of the failover test, the exchange continues to use Cutover for weekly changes and further data center failover tests and has expanded the scope to involve more applications, people, tasks and complexity, with high visibility from senior stakeholders monitoring success.

The results

With Cutover, the stock exchange was able to significantly reduce their level of risk and prove to regulators that they were resilient against outages. They can now ensure that their organization and the businesses that rely on them are protected against outages that could cause huge economic disruption