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Financial services company successfully orchestrates move to Alfa Systems asset finance platform

The challenge: transfer asset financing to a new cloud-based platform

A financial services company, and one of the largest car finance companies in the U.S, needed to move from an old mainframe which managed their asset financing to a new cloud-based Alfa Systems digital platform and migrate the data from A to B. This was a multi-year program and the biggest one the company had ever done, involving the part of the company that was responsible for 80% of revenue. Because this was a major program that they would spend years and millions of dollars delivering, involving lots of financial clients, failure was not an option.

They realized early on in the process that they needed a solution to help them manage the migration. They needed a better way of working that did not involve a war room with lots of charts and people being orchestrated manually within a strict time-frame.

A better way to orchestrate the entire event

In a short space of time, nearly 1000 people in the company were onboarded and trained and were able to manage the process themselves very quickly. They rapidly created their plans in Cutover and were able to run full dress rehearsals before the event to ensure that everything in the plan was correct and that everyone involved knew their part in it.

Cutover gave those working on the event the ability to visualize the dependency management tree, with a critical path, and provided real-time telemetry. Clear and comprehensive dashboards showed where they were and what they needed to do, which were both hugely important to the success of the migration. Cutover also provided them with a better way to orchestrate every aspect of the event that didn’t involve spreadsheets and manual methods.

The automated communications in the Cutover platform reduced the administrative burden for the command and control team. Cutover’s automatic system of record also created an indelible audit trail, ensuring that all aspects of the event were accurately recorded without any post-event work needing to be done.

The company worked closely with Cutover’s client success team as a partnership of equals in managing the use of Cutover in the company. The client success and engineering teams were quick to respond to any queries the company had.

Successfully delivered change

The financial services company could not have delivered the amount of change they did without the use of Cutover. Going forward, Cutover and the company are working in partnership and Cutover will be used for future critical change programs.

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