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March 5, 2024

Collaborative Automation: Automate and standardize IT disaster recovery

Connect IT teams and technology with automated runbooks

No matter how vigilant you are, IT service disruptions are inevitable. Whether they’re caused by a power or network failure, cyber attack, or natural disaster, outages cause a huge hindrance to your enterprise and can cripple operations until services are back online and fully recovered. Regardless if their infrastructure was hosted in the cloud or on premises, the enterprises we surveyed saw an increase in outages in the last 12 months. With this trend set to continue, the need for fast IT disaster recovery is more important now than ever. 

However, the recovery process is riddled with complexity and consumes both time and resources. Each IT disaster scenario requires a different set of procedures, making it difficult to execute and manage across the enterprise. Additionally, the various, disjointed tools used during an IT disaster recovery can cause task or communication delays. 

Regardless of the specific disaster scenario and recovery process, static spreadsheets and disparate tools just won’t suffice. Plus, open-source orchestration tools aren’t suitable for large-scale disaster events and often lack functionality. 

What is Collaborative Automation? 

Enter Collaborative Automation - the new way of working. Collaborative Automation is the interconnecting of teams and technology to standardize and automate IT disaster recovery and other IT operations processes. But, how does it work in practice?

Collaborative Automation helps enterprises transform IT disaster recovery processes by standardizing and automating tasks using dynamic runbooks. This includes both manual tasks that require human decision making and automated tasks that leverage the multitude of technology tools being used today. 

Learn more about what automated runbooks are here. 

Common IT disaster recovery challenges

During a recovery event, siloed teams can cause breakdowns in communication, which can lead to costly delays that increase risks. For example, imagine your wide area network (WAN) backbone is cut, a team member misconfigures a change request affecting numerous application services, a cyber attack cripples your systems, or even a simple power outage takes down your applications or entire data center. Suddenly, your customers are shut out of services, internal teams can’t operate, and overall business comes grinding to a halt. Data is lost, operations are disrupted, customers are frustrated and no one is sure how to get everything back online.

You need a well-defined IT disaster recovery plan and an executable and automated recovery platform. Collaborative Automation can help. 

Collaborative Automation for IT disaster recovery

Cutover’s Collaborative Automation platform standardizes and automates IT disaster recovery by connecting teams and technology with automated runbooks. 

Cutover is a SaaS Collaborative Automation platform that interconnects teams and technology with dynamic runbooks to standardize and automate IT disaster recovery processes. Cutover enables you to: 

  • Streamline and automate your global communications in one place, so the right people are engaged at the right time
  • Increase visibility and control over the planning, testing, and execution of your IT disaster recovery process 
  • Visualize the critical path of your IT disaster recovery in real time 
  • Improve reporting with real-time analytics and dashboards
  • Meet regulatory compliance with the immutable and auto-generated audit log
  • Identify areas for process improvement with the post-execution analytics
  • Integrate across the technology recovery stack with the API to create a single source of execution

Collaborative Automation for other IT operations processes

Enterprise IT operation processes are complex and they aren’t going to get simpler. Whether it’s IT disaster recovery, cyber recovery, cloud migration, or release management, each process requires thousands of tasks across multiple teams which is costly to execute, manage, audit, and analyze. Cutover’s Collaborative Automation platform can help automate and standardize processes to increase efficiency and reduce risk. 

Learn more: Download the TechOps Guide to Collaborative Automation 

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