Platform integrations

Build your Work Orchestration and Observability ecosystem with Cutover at the center.

Get more value from the tools you already use

Cutover’s Work Orchestration and Observability platform integrates with 20+ third-party apps, enabling you to consolidate your activities and extend the value of tools you’re already using.

Synchronize work across your ecosystem

Cutover integrates with IT service management, DevOps, Agile, monitoring, automation, and collaboration tools, so you can work more efficiently while reducing risk.

IT service management tools

Cutover’s integration with ITSM solutions enables you to effectively manage your technology change initiatives end to end. Easily plan, orchestrate, and analyze change in Cutover and facilitate governance and compliance activities through your ITSM solution.

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Automation tools

Cutover interacts with continuous integration tools like Jenkins, to start actions and alert users when they are complete. You can use this to build and deploy software, manage pipelines, and push software builds.


Collaboration tools

Use communication and collaboration tools such as Slack, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams as an alternative to notifying via text message or call. This enables Cutover alerts and notifications to be delivered through your company’s preferred channels.

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Agile delivery and DevOps

Extend the value of your agile delivery and DevOps tools, to bring full transparency to the delivery of work across your teams and activities.

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This helps us to remove lots of admin work and to ensure that people are on the right version of the plan.
Release Manager
I can think of so many projects I’ve done in the past that would have benefitted from this.
Infrastructure Manager


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Product updates

Stay up-to-date with all our product updates as we continually improve and enhance Cutover’s features and capabilities.

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